A strange thing happened to me recently. A person, dear to me, passed away. She left an album behind full of photographs from a distant past; pictures I didn’t remember anymore. I didn’t even have a memory of her being there with me in that moment. In a life I left behind.
I came across an image: a view from the window of my old room. Apparently, it impressed her enough to take a picture, like the one you would throw away first.
It is priceless to me now.
Taking that picture, standing in that old room, sharing that forgotten minute with me, make her a witness. This photograph is proof of that instant we experienced together. She captured the view, of which I didn’t know then that it would become special to me. Time lost forever is saved in that single snapshot. She probably didn’t know she was presenting me with a gift. Years later. Maybe she knew though, she was a wise lady.

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